IbbiLane Press Guidelines and Fees

Let's add your title to the mix...

Before submitting your manuscript please make sure you are ready to so.   All manuscripts should be complete before submitting, typed in Times New Roman 11pt font and single-spaced.    A thorough conversation will be had prior to beginning production on any book to determine appropriate page sizes for the particular book to be submitted in for printing.  Generally speaking if your work is fiction your page size will be 5 x 8 or 5.25 x 8 and if your work is non-fiction plan on 6 x 9.  Children's books and "coffee table" books are looked at individually to choose the most appropriate size.


Please note interior files must be submitted separately from cover files and should be in microsoft word.  Cover files should be submitted in high-resolution jpg files or high-resolution pdf files.  All photos including cover files must be a minimum of 300 dpi.



$350 set-up fee,  includes ISBN number/bar code imprint on back cover.  This fee applies to all authors.


$385  Proofreading/initial editing fee (not required if author has their own editor).  Add $100 for books in excess of 200 pages.  Does not apply to children's books or books that are primarily art books.


$300 final edit fee.  This fee applies in the case of a book that needs significant re-writing or editing that the author does not wish to perform.


$200 layout fee applies to all books regardless of number of pages.


$150 additional layout fee applies to all books not submitted in appropriate size as discussed prior to submitting.


Additional services available through IbbiLane Press:


$800 cover design and production.  Services provided by Pathe Media Inc. (Leah Frieday)


$100 marketing fee for initial press release

$300 monthly publicity package available from Janet H Whitworth of Virtual Public Relations

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments